Why We Don’t Have to Have a Tough Time’s Making Decisions


 There are so many choices that we have to make. Some choices are small and don’t need a lot of thought while others are big and need a lot more consideration. When we’re making these decisions it can be scary. Thoughts like “what if I make the wrong choice?” or “what if someone is upset with me for the decision I make?” start to form. These thoughts are normal but being paralyzed by fear isn’t. Queen, God doesn’t want us to be so scared of making a decision that you avoid decision making all together. God doesn’t want us to be so scared of making a decision that we can’t live the life He intended us to live. As children of God, we have an advantage when it comes to making decisions. Yes, there may be consequences for the decisions we make, but God’s word says that He is our light and salvation. That means when things get dark, He’s or light. When things get tough, He’s our Savior. So no matter what happens after we make a decision, God will see us through. How beautiful is it to know that when we make decisions (good or bad) God is our light and salvation? Think about that the next time you have a decision to make. 

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Psalm 27:1-“ The LORD is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid?”