Why Choosing The Right Friends is So Important


  The company you keep speaks volumes. When you hang out with your friends, do you feel uplifted or burdened? Do your friends inspire you to reach higher levels or do they encourage you to stay in your comfort zone? The friends you choose to surround yourself with can be crucial to you achieving your destiny and becoming who God has created you to be. You’re friends should inspire, uplift, and encourage you to become a better person. Your friends should encourage you to be brave, courageous, and vibrant. Your friends should encourage you to achieve everything God has for you. If you have friends who make you feel drained or consistently bring negative energy into your life, don’t be afraid to make some changes. God has given you a destiny. You have an assignment to fulfill. Don’t spend your time with people who don’t see your potential. Remember, queens uplift other queens, not drag them down. 

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Proverbs 27:17- “As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.”