What to do with Fear and Anxiety


   Just do the next 24 hours well. So many times, we get caught up in something that happens tomorrow, next week or month. Of course it’s good to be aware of situations but don’t become so anxious and afraid of the future that you don’t live for today. When we become so filled with anxiety about tomorrow, you know what we’re not doing? Enjoying today. We miss out on what God is doing right now. Fear and anxiety of the future take us away from the present. The truth is, the future belongs to God, not us. He’ll give us the grace we need for next week, next week. He’ll give you the strength you need next week, next week. So what do you do with fear and anxiety? First, pray and ask God to help you surrender your fear and anxiety. Then, remember that when you’re anxious about the future, it you’re not living for today. Lastly, remember that God has control over your future. He’s already written your story. He knows your future and has already ordered your steps. 

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Matthew 6:34- “So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.”