How to Stop Worrying so Much


Worrying about your loved ones, future, and health is normal. We all have things we worry about but when that worrying  becomes obsessive, it can become a dangerous thing. When worrying makes you “stuck in a loop”, it’s dangerous. Why is worrying so dangerous? Well, when you’re busy worrying you’re not living your life. When worrying consumes you, it distracts you from the good things that God is doing right now. So how do you stop worrying so much? 

1. Take a break from worrying. Worrying is a distraction from what God is doing right now. When you find yourself compulsively worrying, interrupt those thoughts with something you enjoy. Go outside, paint your nails, spend time with a loved one or read scriptures. 

2. Talk about it. Do you have a trusted loved one or friend to talk to? If not, God is always listening. When we enter into community with our situations, powerful things happen. 

3. Pray. God doesn’t expect you to not worry. He doesn’t expect you to have things all figured out. That’s why it’s so important that we go to Him. He’s got it figured out. When we go to Him, we’re giving our burdens to Him. He loves for us to do that because when we do, we’re letting Him know that we trust Him. A simple pray of “God, I’m really struggling to believe that this situation will work out. Please help me give this over to you” will do. 

These are some practices that can help with compulsively worrying. Remember, God loves to hear from you. Let Him know what’s on your mind.