What to do When Life Looks Uncertain


  There are times our lives get overwhelming. The future looks uncertain, bills pile up, or we’re dealing with a difficult person at work. Whatever the case, it’s easy to get wrapped up in fear. It’s easy to let the fear of the uncertainty in our lives overwhelm us. We start to question ourselves and Our God. The Bible gives us a simple instruction for times when we’re facing fear. It tells us to believe in Him and His power. This is a simple instruction but sometimes we make it complicated. We believe in God with stipulations. We think God is strong but only when things are going our way. We think God is a provider but only when we’re experiencing abundance. We have to take God out of our box. The truth is, God is mighty and powerful through everything situation we go through. When life is good and not so good. All we have to do is believe in a Him and His power. God will control the outcome. We don’t have to carry the burden of trying to figure out how something is going to turn out. God has that part under control queen. 

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Ephesians 6:10-“ A final word: be strong in the Lord and His mighty power.”