What Do You Do When You’re Struggling With God’s Forgiveness


Have you ever felt that you’re not truly forgiven? Like God’s forgiveness applies to everyone else but not you. As if you’ve done too many bad things to receive His forgiveness. Let me tell you, that all of that is simply not true. None of your sins are surprising to God. Before He created you, He knew every single sin you would make and He still chose you. Know that there’s no sin that can or will ever change how much He loves you. When you’re struggling to believe that you’re truly forgiven for something, try this: 

1. Ask for Forgiveness. Whatever you did, ask God for forgiveness. Go to Him. Don’t run away from Him. You don’t have to stop talking to God when you mess up. Go to Him. He’s there. Not angry but with open arms. 

2. Ask Him What the Next Step is. Is the next step apologizing to someone? Is the next step correcting a bad habit?

3. Ask Him for Grace to Move On. When you ask for forgiveness, you don’t need to keep asking for forgiveness. God forgave you the first time you asked. 

When we try to punish ourselves for sin, it’s like we’re saying “Jesus, what you did on the cross wasn’t enough.” Queen, what Jesus did on the cross was more than enough. Don’t keep punishing yourself or someone else for sin. Forgiveness always you to be free and that’s what God wants.


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Thanks for Reading, 

Queen Styles Boutique,

Psalms 103:12-“He has removed our sins as far from us as the east is from the west.”