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 We hope you had a great Resurrection Sunday! Resurrection Sunday is a wonderful time to reflect on the bold act of love that Jesus showed us. While God doesn’t call us to demonstrate a bold act of love like Jesus illustrated on the cross, He does continuously show us examples of people in the Bible who act boldly to advance His kingdom. Queen we can demonstrate bold love by 1. What we say and 2. How we treat others. The way we act and speak should show others that we are Christians. The way we interact with others should show people that there’s something different about us. People should be able to see His light when they watch us. We’ve heard it said “Your life is the sermon you didn’t know you we’re preaching.” God knows we’ll make mistakes and we won’t always get it right but what’s important is that we try to love others boldly. It’s important that we speak to others with kindness and respect. It’s important that even when others aren’t being kind to us, we are showing kindness to them. Maybe showing bold love is holding the door open for someone or asking a coworker if they need help. How can you show bold love to advance the kingdom of God today?

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Acts 28:31-“boldly proclaiming the Kingdom of God and teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ with all openness and boldness, unhindered and unrestrained.”