Love Yourself


   We’re commanded to love others as we love ourselves. I think we forget about the second part of this commandment: as we love ourselves. Self-love is so important but why do we put it off? Sometimes it’s easier to make time for other people and things before ourselves. There are times we even treat other people kinder than we treat ourselves. Think about this: would you talk to others they way you talk to yourself? Are you thoughts about yourself kind or negative? If we aren’t careful, this can become a negative pattern. So how do you break this pattern? Remember that The Creator of the universe loves you! No matter what you’ve done. He loves you dearly. Nothing can separate you from His love. Pray to God that He’ll help you see yourself the way He does. Self-love has to be intentional. This means you have to think about how you think about yourself. Really take inventory on your thoughts? Then, start replacing them with positive ones. Negative thoughts will still come but you’ll be better equipped on how to handle them. Lastly, intentionally treat yourself. This doesn’t have to include spending money. Treat yourself to reading that book you’ve been meaning to pick up, a hot bubble bath, attend a free webinar you saw on Instagram that you’ve been putting off, shut your phone off for ten minutes, write in a journal, read the Bible, or create a mantra for yourself. Give back to yourself. 

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Matthew 22:39-“A second is equally important: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’”