Is it Okay to Doubt God?


Is it okay to doubt God? Yes. It is. Actually, God knows that we doubt Him sometimes. If we think back to some of the great stories in the Bible, they have doubting God in common. Noah, Moses, and Abraham all doubted God. When God told Sarah she would have a baby, you know what she did? She laughed. Don’t feel ashamed if you’re doubting God right now. Don’t feel ashamed if you’re not sure if God will bring to pass what He promised you. Here’s what to do when you find yourself doubting God: 

1. Know that it’s normal to doubt God. It’s normal to question God. Especially when you’re situation seems overwhelming. A lot of times when we doubt God, we feel ashamed and distance ourselves from Him but He knows we doubt Him. He created us. 

2. Go to Him. Don’t distance yourself from God when you doubt Him. Instead, go to Him. Tell Him that you’re doubting Him. He loves when we’re honest and transparent with Him. He desires to have a relationship with us.

3. Remember when He did what He said He would do. Try to remember when God did what He said He would do. Remembering past victories motivates you to keep moving forward. 

Its normal to doubt God. It’s amazing that when we doubt Him we can go to Him and be honest. 

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Genesis 18:14-“Is anything too hard for Jehovah? At the set time I will return unto thee, when the season cometh round, and Sarah shall have a son.”