How to Use Your Energy Wisely


Keeping your peace can seem impossible at times. We’re called to give our attention to things and people at different times. Some days are more demanding than others. If we’re not careful, we can give our energy to the wrong things and feel drained. Have you ever felt exhausted. Not physically but mentally and spiritually exhausted? Could it be because you’re giving your energy to the wrong people? Could you feel mentally and spiritually exhausted because you’re giving your energy to the wrong things? Here are 3 ways to use your energy wisely:

1. Examine Where You’re Using Your Energy- think about the arguments you engaged in this week. We’re they worth it?

2. Ask God to Give You Discernment-ask God to show you the battles that are important. 

3. Know that He’s Your Defender- don’t worry about trying to get even or settle the score with others. Let God fight your battles. He’s your defender. Let Him fight for you. 

God will and wants to fight for you queen. He wants you to focus and put your energy into the things that matter. 

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Thanks for reading, 

Queen Styles Boutique 

Psalm 90:12-“So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom”