How to Stop Being a People Pleaser


   It’s okay to want people to like you. However, there’s a thin line between wanting to be liked by people and needing to be liked by people. Wanting to be liked by others is okay until you start compromising who God created you to be. So how do you know if you’re being a people pleaser? Check your motives. Ask yourself: “Why am i doing this?” Check how your behavior makes you feel. You feel like you’re compromising who you are, you may need to think twice about why you’re trying to please someone else. So how do you stop being a people pleaser?  Before you find yourself pleasing someone else think about this:

  1. What Does God’s Word Say About This? Comparing God’s word to your actions is like looking in a mirror. 
  2. Someone’s Joy is Not Your Responsibility. There’s a difference in contributing to someone else’s happiness and being responsible for it. You are not responsible for someone else’s joy: they are. The problem with being responsible for someone else’s joy is eventually you’ll feel drained and overwhelmed with trying to make them have joy. 
  3. You Don’t Need The Approval of Other's, God Already Approved You.  When we become people pleasers, we start seeking approval from them. Queen, hear this clearly: we don’t have to seek people’s approval because God already gave us His approval.
God gave us His approval before we were born. He knew every mistake we would make and He still loved and approved us. How amazing is that? You don't need to downplay who you are to please someone else. You don't need to sacrifice your dreams and ambitions for anyone else. The person who God created you to be, is more than enough. 

     Thanks for reading, 

    Queen Styles Boutique 

    Galatians 1:10-“Obviously, I’m not trying to win the approval of people, but of God. If pleasing people were my goal, I would not be Christ’s servant.”

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