How to Gain Peace


One of the gifts Jesus left us with is peace. It doesn’t always feel peaceful in our lives though. It doesn’t always feel peaceful in our thoughts but we do have the the gift of peace. Part of the reason we don’t have experience true peace is because we often think peace means everything is going the way we want it to go. Peace doesn’t mean that things are always going our way. Peace is believing that God knows and wants the best for you regardless of your situation. So how do we come back to a place of peace when things around us are chaotic? 

1. Let Go of the Fact That You Don’t Have Complete Control of Your Life. There’s no need to play tug of war with God. He has the final say over what goes on with us. Of course it’s good to have plans for our lives but God is The One who wrote our story. 

2. Realize Everything is Not Meant to Be Understood. There are certain things you and I won’t understand. We’re not meant to reason everything going on around us. That’s a job only for God. When we try to understand why things happen, we get frustrated. Why? Because we were never meant to have that job. 

3. Always Remember that God Really Does Want the Best for You. There are times it doesn’t feel like it but God wants the best for you. Even in the worst of times, God wants the best for you. Always come back to that truth. 

Having true peace doesn’t mean everything is fine. It’s believing that God is in complete control. It doesn’t mean that you’re turning a blind eye to your circumstances. It’s the opposite. Peace is looking at your circumstances from a position of power and realizing that they’re bigger than you. Too often we think we can handle our circumstances on our own. God’s The One Who can handle our circumstances. Nothing is too big for Him. Come back to that position of power queen. Let  God have the control. 

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Philippians 4:7-“Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.”