Come to Him Just as You Are


   You don't have to wait until you get rid of that bad habit to pray to God. You don't have to use a certain vocabulary when you pray to God. You don't have to speak a certain way to Him or make sure that your prayer is a certain amount of time. How freeing is it to know that you can come to God freely, boldly, and confidently? It's that simple. God wants a relationship with who you are right now. He wants a relationship with you despite that bad habit. He wants to communicate with you just as you are right now. The enemy will try to trap you into thinking that you aren't "good enough" to come to God or that you're not polished enough just yet. He'll make you think that you need to get your act together before you pray to God. When the truth is: you don't get your life together and then come to God, you come to God and then get your life together. God wants the real you. He wants a genuine relationship with you. The next time you're tempted to think you need to get your life together before you pray, remember that God wants to hear from you just as you are right now. 

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Ephesians 3:12-"In him and through faith in him we may approach God with freedom and confidence."