How to Overcome Perfectionism

Myth:  You Are Supposed to Be Perfect Right Now

  Truth: It's Okay That You're Imperfect. Queen, let this comforting truth rush over you: God isn't disappointed, or surprised by your imperfections. I love this scripture because Paul is saying what so many of us forget. He is saying that he knows he isn't perfect, and that's okay because he is on a journey towards perfection. Your imperfections mean:

  • You are still human
  • You are still learning

 You, and I will not be perfect until we get to heaven. While we are on this imperfect earth, we will continue to be imperfect. This isn't an excuse to just act how we want, but freedom to remain students of what God still wants to do in, and through us. The next time you get bogged down by your mistakes, remember that God already accounted for your sins. That's exactly why He sent Jesus to the cross. He loves you. He delights in teaching you things. Your Good Shepherd delights in showing you mercy, and love.