Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

Hey Mama!

Attending a wedding this year and have no idea what to wear? I've got you covered. Spring is here, and summer is approaching. That means it's the start of wedding season. I love going to weddings, but trying to figure out what to wear to weddings as a guest, can sometimes be tough to figure out. I've done the hard work for you and put what you need to know and outfit ideas for attending a wedding as a guest. 

1. Confirm the Dress Code from a Member in the Wedding Party

Wedding guest dresses

This is such an easy tip that most of us forget...until that moment we're trying to figure out what to wear to the wedding we're attending. This often gets overshadowed by what present to get the couple, where the venue is, and where to park. Which, I get it. It's a detail that is important, but can stacked against everything else just fades into the background. When you're confirming the dress code, don't just ask another guest.  There is a good chance they are assuming and don't actually know the dress code. This is why I always give people this tip: confirm the dress code from a member in the wedding party.  Members of the wedding party have probably spent enough time with the bride or groom to have a clear answer on what the dress code for the wedding is. Even if they don't know the second you ask them, they probably are able to ask the bride or groom quicker than you are. My advice is to ask a member in the wedding party a month before the wedding. But whatever you do, don't ask the bride or groom the day of the wedding. Even if their phone is close to them, they are busy taking photos, or dealing with a last minute catering choice. Now that you know and have confirmed the dress code with a member of the wedding party, let's look at different outfit ideas for you as a wedding guest.

 2. Formal Wedding Outfit Ideas

Wedding guest dresses

For formal weddings, colors like ruby, emerald green, black and navy are most desirable. Think about rich and deep tones of neutral colors. For example, the color red has a rich and deep tone called "ruby red"(it's pictured above). Rich and deep tones like this fit the bill for formal weddings and bring a level of elegance that the bride and groom will appreciate. When it comes to formal weddings, you can also wear textures like velvet to really take the elegance of your outfit up a notch. I always advice that the length of the dress for a formal wedding is knee length or below. Anything above the knee is treading on the casual side of dress codes. 

3. Semi Casual Wedding Outfit Ideas

pink wedding guest dresses

Next on the list for wedding guest outfit ideas is for the Semi-Formal Wedding.

Semi-formal weddings tend to be a gray area for a lot of guest in terms of dress code. Here are some facts about semi-formal wedding attire:

  • You can wear bright colors or patterned outfits
  • You can wear a dress or skirt
  • You can wear lengths that are above the knee

Look for small details like ruffles that can make a dress look effortlessly more elegant. Semi Formal weddings don't require a level of elegance that Formal weddings do, so you can have a little bit more flexibility in the colors that you wear. The great thing about semi formal weddings is, you also have a lot more flexibility in the accessories you wear. Feel free to wear boho inspired jewelry like a pendent necklace to make your outfit as a guest feel more personalized.

4. Casual Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

dressy maxi skirt

 Casual wedding attire usually means you have a lot of flexibility in what you wear as a wedding guest. Maxi skirts and jumpsuits are my favorite recommendations to wear as a guest to a casual wedding. Of course, you can wear a dress, but I love to have fun with fashion when I can. Jumpsuits are casual and if you find one that fits well and is really cute, I think it's a great option to wear to a wedding. Maxi skirts are another option I like to suggest to guest of casual weddings. Maxi skirts are effortless, comfortable and versatile, no matter the wedding venue. The versatility of maxi skirts is what I love most. For example, with a floral printed maxi skirt you can wear a solid tee shirt, with a pair of wedges, or solid tee, blazer and heels. 

Being a wedding guest is exciting! It's a wonderful thing to witness a couple being married. As a wedding guest, you should have fun and enjoy the experience. Remember what you wear matters to the bride and groom, and you should always confirm the dress code with a close member of the wedding party. Here's to wedding season!