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  • Cozy Winter Accessories You Need

    Hey mama!

    What comes to mind when you think of winter fashion? Do you get overwhelmed by thinking how to stay cute, and warm? As the temperatures drop, cozy and cute scarves, beanies, and jackets are needed. Here are 3 cute, and cozy winter accessories you need. 

    1. Cozy "Mama" Slouchy Beanie

    cozy winter accessories

    There's nothing like wearing a cozy beanie that not only keeps you warm, but cute too. This beanie comes in multiple beautiful colors, and says "Mama" on the side. Beanies are great for pushing through bad hair days, dashing out of the house, or when you just want to look effortlessly put together. 

    2. Infinity Scarves

    Infinity scarves exist to make our lives a little bit easier. You can't convince me otherwise! All you have to do is wrap the scarf on top of your winter outfit and you instantly are cute, cozy, and warm for the day. This soft infinity scarf comes in a red and black plaid print that is so cute for winter.

    3. Overcoats

    Teddy Overcoat

    Overcoats are basically cozy sweater jackets that make looking cute during the cold months so much easier. This black teddy overcoat is soft and comes just above your knee. This overcoat doesn't have zippers, or buttons, so there's no fuss grabbing it on your way out of the door. It's perfect for morning drop off, or a quick Target run.